Aquarobotic AS introduces buoyancy control and mobility to the development of new technologies in aquaculture. We believe this factors is the answer to many of the problems that exist

Aquarobotic AS creates concepts for solving technical problems in aquaculture and robotizes technological processes

Aquacuture is an industry that has a great future and necessity for the planet.
This is industry has big development potential. Aquarobotic AS is inspired by the time we live in, which is the time of robotics and computer science.
A system operating autonomously, not poliuting the oceans, approaching the environment in which each type of fish lives, and all of that through software


Aqua robotic working over projects in the aquaculture, inovation and robotized processes. Creating new concepts

 intelligent aqua culture cage

Concept is develop mobility underwater with AUV platform.  Self-control device that runs independently on a software


Concept ,is the new way to grouw aqua culture, in open ocean with   autonomous systems .

Underwater feeding with ONE PACK concept

Concept buoyancy control

System that controls the depth of the facility through a control module

Intelligent aquaculture cage lying at the bottom

localised on the open seas, autonomous process control systems

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